I’ve been fascinated with the art and science of sound since childhood: the way perspective alters perception, the subtle flows of sensation and emotion, audio hypnosis.

Raised on a steady diet of classical, oldies and jazz, I also explored heavy metal, industrial and jam bands in my teens and early 20’s. The common thread was a taste for deep and hypnotic sounds, those enchanted landscapes of texture and rhythm. About a decade ago I fell down the rabbit hole of electronica, with several DJ incarnations spanning the worlds of psytrance, downtempo, ambient, glitch hop, and most recently bass music. Constant has been my gravitation towards deep, hypnotic beats with a healthy dose of the beautiful and sacred. I like music that has soul, depth, and a dash of the unexpected.

Since you’ll more often find me with a shovel in my hand than a mixer, I don’t play out all that often. But when I’m on the decks, it’s from my heart to yours.


Recent Mixes: