Seasons Advance Eight


as an opportunity to dream
and as many grains of sand
as many stories unfold
stay until the morning comes
the flow and the yield
the golden field, vine, bark and spore
nested between the seasons
Heaven and Earth can crumble and change


Returning Saturn is proud to present:

Good friends,

We invite you to join us for our 8th annual Seasons Advance, post-festival celebration; featuring special guests:


Breathe music. This is the mantra of KiloWatts. Jamie Watts has walked with music his entire life, from the early ages learning to play the piano, to his teenage years singing and learning to sequence, to the present moment as a full-fledged producer and touring artist. A promise was made on a molecular level to share music with the world.

KiloWatts music is always melodic, inventive, powerful, and persistent. He’s always looking for a new way to craft peaks and troughs, new ways to ebb and flow, tugging and pulling at heartstrings, building tension and finding that sweet, sweet release. There’s always a wry glimmer in his eye, and a deeply smiling knowingness expressed in his music. He’s intent on communicating directly with his listeners through sound, eye to eye, heart to heart.

Trypton Media

Grady and Roslin are Performing abstract video artists. Fundamentally re-purposing the video medium as a tool to explore and express the abstract nature of the universe. Both love to find new ways to integrate audience interaction into the visuals.

[They] specialize in Live Analog Video Feedback Visual Performance and Interactive Installation. [Their] main performance team consists of Grady aka VJ SpoonBender and Roslin aka The Renegade Pixie.

[They seek] To re-purpose the video medium as a tool to expand human consciousness. To provide fractal stimulation in real-time and to the beat. To bring “something real” to the enhanced senses of the party masses, and to have fun collaborating with some of the most brilliant people in the underground electronic art world.


“iinaK” has been producing all kinds of music since 2007. Creating and evolving a progressive and experimental sound. Drawing influence from everything that vibes and everyday life.

and all of your local Returning Saturn favorites::

Anchor Hill
Compass Rose
Cloud dancer
Coco Kami
Chloe Honeybourne

also featuring::

Performance Storytelling by Wingsmyth, Cpt. Baunchman, and the Returning Saturn Collective

Visuals by Trypton Media and Capt. Baunchman
Live Painting by Chloe Honeybourne

Powered by pK Sound

Outdoor chill space: The Lounge

The “Chocolate treat Gallery” by Maia Balam. She will be presenting raw cacao brownies, gluten free energy balls, cacao chai and a Mexican surprise-dinner option, to keep us all nurtured, energized and happy through the long night.

Universal Alliance Jun

and more TBA…

Schedule and Line up::

9:00 – Clouddancer
9:30 – Nagdeo
10:30 – iinaK
11:30 – Entelechy
12:15 – “The Churning of the Ocean”
12:30 – KiloWatts
2:00 – Dodd / Compass Rose
3:30 – Anchor Hill
4:30 – RichGaud

Hosted at The Sunset Room
401 Herald St.