Ageless Sage – Act 1

This is the beginning of a four part story that will be performed at Seasons Advance 9, September 2016

Owen Smith (RizeOhm)

The Ageless Sage

Space is the source of all marvelous things
Timeless stories from these distant regions
are filled with enigmas and mysterious signs
for both the youngest child and the most seasoned of minds

Strange beings descend from this starry abyss
who some would call crazy, others name ‘spirits’
or some call them sages of the deep wilderness
who live with an ageless blessing and curse

For all of there effort they can’t understand
how to act like the regular people of the land
as their perspective on life is far more advanced
and to them time and space are like lines in the sand

This story is of one such Crazy Wise Sage
who none could by looking, tell you his age
for point of view is a tincture and the cup of life’s spiked
and the touch of the mind colours life as it likes