Anchor Hill – Season of Harvest Mix 2015

“Crimson Sage
Wanders by boat thru the distances.
The clouds: endless beauty
Yellow leaves: brocades of light.

Harvest the Garden of Yield
Cast your net, cast off far and wide…
Silver dew angles the setting Sun.
The Oceans are teeming with Life.”
Entelechy – Sept.2015

As fall descends on the west coast of British Columbia, an emerging collective of dedicated artists bring their season’s harvest of creative endeavours into a cohesive powerful expression, a beautiful gift to uphold the healing virtuous visionary culture which is now yielding phenomenal fruit, while expanding it’s foundation for future growth and transformation…
Anchor Hill is a quickly growing musical act who continues to show immense dedication to his craft, while living a life deeply connected to nature and the cosmos. Here he shares with us a powerful and emotive journey through much of his more recent material, featuring content from his latest albums, All My Relations, and Stranger Than Fiction, both available on bandcamp or to listen on soundcloud: