Entelechy – Cloudlight Embers

This wind-painting of pines,
Fog and rose-coloured clouds,
Collect in the Amber Valley…
It’s waters unrivaled for such pure colour.

Let the five senses resolve within…
New breezes flatten down the waves ahead
Of these thousand-fold Autumn River peaks
Set cloud sails, cross the Gold Horizon.


At this potent pivot in time: reflections, gathering resources, refining and defining our pathways which lay ahead… Beyond the peak of summer, returning to roots and remembering all the experiences which have led us here. Cast off and let be that which no longer serves; cultivate and cast to mold that which you wish to emulate.

This is a mix aimed as a creative talisman and touchstone for the Seasons Approaching; a warm filament to work by.

From East to West,
Cloudlight Embers.