Returning Saturn & Sublime Events Present INFUSION


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Returning Saturn & Sublime Events are pleased to bring this you this tasty techno & bass concoction, featuring some of the finest ingredients that BC has to offer. We are super stoked to have one of our all-time favorite DJs visit Victoria. Its been a few years since NAASKO has played in town, and we are so glad the stars have aligned! We also have an incredibly talented and prolific mystery ingredient – a headlining DJ that has rocked dancefloors all over the world with his deep & sophisticated techno sound. Don’t miss this! A secondary purpose of this event is to celebrate all the Scorpio birthdays out there – Rowan, Entelechy, and Dodd are birthday boys under this mysterious sun-sign. Come celebrate your inner-scorpio with us!


Naasko has been involved in the global electronic music scene for the past 18 years as a DJ, VJ, event producer, stage manager, record label manager (Interchill Records & Bluetech’s Native State Records), A&R and publicist. Over the years, he’s traveled extensively and has performed and worked at events around the world. He is one of the usual suspects back stage at Basscoast’s Slay Bay and at The Grove at Shambhala and runs his own production companies Invisible and Apparent Productions from his home in Nelson, BC.

Parts unknown. InternaSHENal techno dj/producer.
It’d be thoughtless of us to say who…

Rowan is a warrior of liquid rhythms and deep soulful grooves that sublimate into tangible, impermanent frequencies on the dance floor in explosions of ethereal inspiration. Comfortable in the fringes of reality, readily passing between worlds in search of deep, heart-opening and inspiring dance music, Rowan is equipped with a diverse palette of genres that find form in co-creation with the dancefloor.
Regularly found hosting and performing with legendary musical nomads who bring sounds from far off lands, this dj/promoter/producer is committed to high-vibrational dance experiences and consistently delivers tightly mixed and expertly programmed sets at a variety of tempos.
Sometimes venturing into the sub-frequencies in the dub, glitch genres, but more frequently traversing the depths of hypnotic quadraphonic tribal funk. Into this pixelated tapestry of electronic, android bleeps and triangle waves, Rowan frequently interweaves a subtle cultural narrative of exotic spices, tribal drums and organic vibrations.


The existence of Dodd has long been questioned by those who’ve not been on his dancefloor — but those who’ve been there are fast and thorough believers. From his humble beginnings as a dancefloor observer Dodd carefully catalogued the sounds and reactions of the people in order to pinpoint the perfect palette of progressive sounds: blending trancey, glitchy, dubby and techy tidbits into memorable dancefloor journeys that transcend sonic expectations. With these dancefloor commandments Dodd has been rocking crowds consistently in Victoria, BC, and beyond. Whether you’re a believer or not, with the speakers as his chorus, you will be moved by the voice of Dodd…


Entelechy describes a vital agent or force which helps direct an organism toward self-fulfillment.
From this realm of sonic self-exploration, Entelechy weaves soundscapes ranging from fully ambient and downtempo, thru trip-hop, dub-step, breaks, DnB, house, techno, trance fusions, and back again. With a background in music theory, composition, arrangement, production and performance, he seeks rich environmental textures as a cornerstone to the myriad sounds and styles telling the stories of our own becomings…


join us for some pre-show tea & nourishment, courtesy of Returning Saturn & Unity Jun! We’ll have some cozy seats, beats from Cloud Dancer & Entelechy, and gently ease you into the evenings journey…

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8-9 ~ Pre-show Mingler w/Cloud Dancer & Entelechy
9-10 ~ Entelechy
10 – 11 ~ Rowan
11 – 12:30 ~ Naasko
12:30 – 2 ~ Mystery Guest
2 – 3 ~ Dodd

More details to be announced soon…